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Quality Communication

Is the starting point and enables people to stay independent.

The minimum you need is a smart phone and the internet

Smart Phone

  • It doesn't have to be expensive, you don't need a new phone, could be a refurbished one.
  • Doesn't have to be the latest model, could be one from last year.
  • You don't need an expensive plan. Phone can start from $ 15 per month.

WiFi Internet

  • One step up is to have WiFi Internet. With The NBN rolling out all traditional land lines will be replaced with an internet based telephone line.
  • You can opt out to have NO landline, but only have Internet (WiFi) instead and you replace your land line with a mobile phone.
  • This will be cost effective as your smartphone will connect to your WiFi to go to the internet.
  • Selected Phone Apps allow you to make phone calls over the internet.

Home Automation

  • Once you have your WiFi setup you can go another step up and introduce very simple Home Automation.
  • You use your mobile phone to switch individual lights and power points ON and OFF. You can do this in your house as well as over the internet, wherever you are.
  • All selected products are very energy efficient. You have the option to monitor the electricity usage on your smart phone.
  • All selected products have the ability to setup individual timers on the smart phone
  • Going away, there are simple switches to tell the system you are away,

Voice Controlled

  • Another step up, again a very simple step. Now you can voice control the selected products mentioned above.
  • We standardise on Google Home. Google is a well known and large company, big enough to be around for a long time. All products are selected to work together.

Setup & Training

  • We have an individual approach, each person is unique.
  • Together with relatives and friends we will develop your best way to communicate, being as independent as possible.
  • All products will be setup and ready to go.