Approach – eConnectIT



We plan to start a pilot in the Upper Yarra Valley.

Outcome is to extend and optimize communication between parties and setup a communication network based on mobile phone.

Stage 1:

We approach and align with existing non-for-profit organisations

  • Churches
  • Care organisations
  • Community groups
  • Musea
  • Libraries
  • Schools

We will investigate existing technical infrastructure, focusing on communication and optimise where required and possible.

Stage 2:

Investigate the existing communication of non-for-profit organisations to their client base.

  • Assess individual communication abilities and needs ( Telephone, Internet )
  • Setup a communication network
  • Provide training and support

Stage 3:

When the communication network is in progress, involve "for profit" organisations and connect them to the network

Roll out simple solutions like

  • Strengthen local communication
  • Shopping list
  • Parcel delivery