eConnectIT – Where People meet Technology


What is eConnectIT? Main objective of eConnectIT is to enable communication by eliminating obstacles. It is about Digital Inclusion, which means we will assist all social groups and people of all backgrounds, of all ages. Quality communication also enables people to be or stay independent, it is also part of fighting loneliness and (re)Connecting with the community.


Not allways, but in many cases “The Internet” is involved in modern communication.

Nowadays, if you contact an organisation, chances are you get the reply: "It is all online". For a large group of people this answer is equal to "It is not accessible for you".

Obstacles which prevent you from communicating involving the internet can be


  • No Smartphone, Tablet or computer available.
  • No access to the internet ( dead spot ).


  • Not comfortable using the equipment.
  • Not comfortable browsing the internet.


  • Not able to afford equipment
  • Not able to afford an internet plan


We operate at grass roots level. Communication start at home. We can check and advise on the best options for communication physically at your home.